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ICDL Conference Berlin 2015


The Journal of the Berlin Bar Association has published an article by ICDL board member, Urs Koerner von Gustorf concerning the latest ICDL conference. The speakers included, amongst others, ICLB and 9 Bedford Row members Steven Kay QC and Toby Cadman as well as Jens Dieckmann, Criminal Defense Attorney in Bonn and Associate 9 Bedford Row member…. Read more »


SOCO International Announces an Investigation into Allegations of Human Rights Abuses in Virunga National Park


SOCO International has now requested an external agency to conduct an independent report into intimidation and / or human rights abuses in the Virunga National Park (‘VNP’), in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 9 Bedford Row had provided pro bono legal services in support of the film, ‘Virunga: The Movie’, which worked to highlight the bribery and corruption… Read more »

kenyatta 15.03.15

ICC Trial Chamber Terminates Case Against President Uhuru Kenyatta


On Friday 13 March 2015, Trial Chamber V(B) of the International Criminal Court formally terminated the proceedings against Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta. In its ‘Decision on the withdrawal of charges against Mr Kenyatta’, the Chamber stated: [T]he Chamberconsiders itappropriate toterminate the present proceedings.Accordingly, the Chamber notes that the Summons toAppear should now be formally discharged and that the conditions therein will cease to have effect. However, pursuant to Article 70 of the Statute, it is noted that the Court retains jurisdiction over anyinterference with a witness or with the collection of evidence. The Chamber additionally… Read more »

adc conference

ADC-ICTY – Conference proceedings of the Legacy Conference published


A guest blog by Isabel Düsterhöft The ADC-ICTY has published the conference proceedings of its Legacy Conference, held on 29 November 2013 in The Hague, in the form of a Legacy Conference publication in 2015. The publication contains the transcripts of the conference as well as additional articles, a preface, introduction and conclusion. The keynote speech of the Legacy Conference… Read more »


Ngudjolo – Arrested by Dutch authorities in order to be deported to DRC


On 27 February 2015, the ICC Appeals Chamber confirmed, by majority, the acquittal of Mathieu Ngudjolo Chui, upholding the Trial Chamber’s judgement of acquittal issued on 18 December 2012. Immediately following the ICC Appeals Chamber’s judgement, Mr. Ngudjolo was arrested by the Dutch authorities in order to be deported to the DRC. After a last minute ruling… Read more »

Khaleda Zia BBC Com

“We urge the government of Bangladesh to begin dialogue with opposition”


Following the decision of the Bangladeshi  government to arrest the leader of the opposition Bangladesh National Party, Khaleda Zia, the Financial Times has published a letter by Lord Carlile QC, Steven Kay QC and Toby Cadman of 9 Beford Row London and Niccolò A Figà-Talamanca, Secretary-General of No Peace Without Justice. The letter stresses that the decision to… Read more »