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Steven Kay QC speaking at the IBA Annual Conference in Rome on Tuesday 9 October 2018


Cooperation between national and international judicial authorities: 20 years after the signing of the Rome Statute, is cooperation the pitfall of international criminal justice? In July 1998, amid celebrations and high hopes, the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (the ‘Court‘) was signed to establish the first permanent international criminal tribunal to try war… Read more »


Advancing the Impact of Victim Participation at the International Criminal Court: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice


On 4th October 2018 the Centre for Criminology at the University of Oxford and the ICCBA are hosting a one-day workshop on victim participation at the International Criminal Court. It will focus on certain elements of victim participation, including theoretical and jurisprudential developments, reparation jurisprudence, as well as ethical, psychological and practical considerations in client-counsel… Read more »


Immunity from arrest for member of diplomatic special mission


Egypt’s Freedom and Justice Party lost their claim for judicial review of the decision of the UK Foreign Secretary and the Director of Public Prosecutions that a member of a special mission had immunity from arrest. Click the link below to read the full story:   Image source:    

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Options for Justice: A Handbook for Designing Accountability Mechanisms for Grave Crimes


The Open Society Justice Initiative has released a report titled Options for Justice: A Handbook for Designing Accountability Mechanisms for Grave Crimes. It is a handbook that studies investigative mechanisms designed to deliver accountability in the aftermath of a conflict, and takes a detailed look at their design and impact. Extensive research, involving dozens of… Read more »

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Method to the Madness? John Bolton and US Objections to ICC Jurisdiction, by Steven Kay QC and Joshua Kern


Steven Kay QC and Joshua Kern have co-authored a piece for Opinio Juris, an online forum dedicated to discussing international law and international relations. Earlier this week, US National Security Advisor John Bolton declared the intention of his country’s government to rely on the American Service members’ Protection Act of 2002 to protect both America… Read more »


John Bolton speech to the Federalist Society in The Hague on behalf of the US Government


On Monday 10 September, US National Security Adviser John Bolton appeared at the Federalist Society in Washington, D.C. and delivered his first major speech since joining the White House. Mr Bolton’s remarks, together with a link to Al Jazeera’s Inside Story on the ICC’s historic travails (as exemplified by the withdrawal of charges against President… Read more »