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Mental Health in the Legal Profession


Research suggests that 1 in 6 employees at any one time will experience mental health issues in the UK. These account for 30-40% of absences from work and as much as 50% of all long-term sick leave cases. Legal professionals fall within a high-risk group of individuals who are likely to experience the symptoms of… Read more »


2018 Global Freedom of Expression Prize Nominations Are Now Open


Columbia Global Freedom of Expression is delighted to announce a call for nominations for the 2018 Global Freedom of Expression Prizes that celebrate judicial decisions and legal services around the world that strengthen freedom of expression by promoting international standards. We feel that at a time when freedom of expression is threatened globally, there is… Read more »


Professor Schabas to Teach Course on International Criminal Law at Geneva Academy


Professor William A. Schabas is to teach an upcoming short course on international criminal law at the Geneva Academy in Switzerland. Titled International Criminal Law: General Principles and International Crimes, the course will focus on the history of international criminal law and how it relates to both the international legal order and national justice institutions…. Read more »


Become a Member of the IBA Today


By joining the International Bar Association you become part of the leading global network of lawyers. Partners from virtually every major law firm in every major city worldwide are members. They join the IBA for its combination of education, information, and networking. Encourage your staff to become part of an international network of 80,000 lawyers… Read more »


Opportunity: Legal Intern Required


The International Practice Group at 9 Bedford Row International (9BRi) is seeking a legal intern to be based at their London Chambers. Interns will be assigned to a project and be responsible for assisting barristers and other team members. This includes, but is not limited to, performing legal research and preparing memoranda, assisting with and… Read more »


Call for papers: Quality Control in Preliminary Examination


        Quality Control in Preliminary Examination: Reviewing Impact, Policies and Practices. Conference in the Peace Palace, The Hague, 13-14 June 2017 Call for papers Dear colleagues, We are pleased to present a new research project on challenges in pre-investigations or ‘preliminary examinations’. Such examinations are required to determine whether there is reasonable… Read more »


Bar Council Launches “Wellbeing at the Bar” Portal


Earlier this month, the Bar Council launched a “Wellbeing at the Bar” website which aims to tackle the stigma associated with mental health and encourage members of the profession to better understand wellbeing and address the challenges faced by members of the Bar. This month, Gillian Higgins at The Chambers of 9 Bedford Row, launches… Read more »


Dinner Held in Honour of Anthony Berry QC


Tonight 9 Bedford Row are holding a dinner at The Crypt in Ely Place, London, for Anthony Berry QC to mark the end of his term as Head of Chambers from 2000-2016. Chambers are expressing thanks to Anthony for his stewardship over the last 16 years and he hands over a thriving set recognised as… Read more »


IBA Call for Contributions to the ICC Trust Fund for Family Visits


On 30 August 2016, the Presidency of the International Criminal Court (ICC) made public an important decision re-affirming the Court’s positive obligation to provide an effective right to family visits for ICC detainees, including by providing funding for such visits. In the same decision, the Presidency expressed concern that the Trust Fund for Family Visits… Read more »

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Meditation for Barristers


Barristers experience a variety of mental and physical health pressures in practice, particularly in dealing with the severe stresses created by litigation. Gray’s Inn is keen to support initiatives to address the prevailing (but dated) view that those who seek assistance in such situations are not “up to the job”. A Member of Gray’s, Gillian… Read more »

LAP week Flyer

Twinning Project – Lawyers Against Poverty Week


                    A pilot twinning project for lawyers has been launched between Oxfam’s Lawyers Against Poverty and the League of Women Lawyers in Tajikistan. The intention of the twinning project is to not only aid the fight against poverty but to create a worldwide network of lawyers,… Read more »

LAP week Flyer

Lawyers Against Poverty


                    Oxfam’s Lawyers Against Poverty enables members of the legal community to help fight poverty. When a lawyer joins Lawyers Against Poverty and contributes to the Justice Fund, they are helping to finance targeted projects that increase access to justice and the rule of law for… Read more »


ECCC Seeking Applications for Internships


“Defence Teams at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) are currently seeking applications for unpaid internships of 3 and 6 months duration, to start on dates between April and July 2016. A good candidate would have a strong academic background in law and a demonstrated enthusiasm for defence work in international criminal… Read more »


Invitation – Oxfam: Lawyers Against Poverty


On 8th ​October​, ​a panel discussion will take place, focusing on the legal, policy and operational issues of forced migration and what lawyers can do to make a difference. Additionally there will be accounts from people working on the front line of the current migrant crisis, whether they have been aiding migrants in Sicily with… Read more »


Call for Participants: ICLB-ADC Mock Trial


The International Criminal Law Bureau will be sponsoring the next Mock Trial in conjunction with the Association of Defence Counsel practising before the ICTY. The Mock Trial will be conducted on 28 June 2014 and training sessions to prepare the participating teams will be held from 23 to 27 June 2014. Click to read the tentative… Read more »


International Journal of Transitional Justice Invites Submissions for Special Issue


The International Journal of Transitional Justice invites submissions for its 2013 Special Issue, entitled ‘The role of international criminal justice in transitional justice’. This will be guest edited by Naomi Roht-Arriaza, Professor of Law at the University of California, Hastings College of Law. The Special Issue will focus on the impacts of international criminal justice… Read more »


Launch of GCC Law and Media


By Frederikke Kam Geraldine Coughlan has launched GCC Law and Media, a dedicated bureau of legal and media experts in international justice and European Union law and policy. GCC Law and Media provides specialised publicity and raises awareness for cases that may go largely unnoticed, through connecting lawyers and media. The team handles all aspects… Read more »