Registration Update: IBA Annual Conference on International Criminal Law – The World in Crisis



The IBA War Crimes Committee Conference – The World in Crisis is on Saturday 4th February at The Peace Palace in The Hague. Whilst online registration is now closed if you wish to reserve a space you can email and payment can be made on the day itself.

Participating in the event are 9 Bedford Row members Jens Dieckmann (Session Chair, The Refugee Crisis – Refugees as victims of slavery and other crimes), Professor William Schabas (Keynote Sepaker, The world in crisis: a review of 2016’s significant events and cases relating to war crime) and Joe Holmes (Speaker, Peace vs. Justice – the Jus Post Bellum dilemma).

To learn more, click the following link to read the official programme:

And to read about the conference on the IBA website, click below:

This is an essential event for judges, prosecutors, criminal defence lawyers, in-house counsel, law enforcement officials, court and tribunal officers, students, academics and anybody with specific interest in international criminal law and war crimes. The sessions will be in a Question Time format and will be moderated by experienced lawyers.

For queries and to reserve a space, email:



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