Michel Bagaragaza pleads guilty at ICTR


On Thursday 17th  September 2009, the former Director-General of the office controlling the Rwandan tea industry, Michel Bagaragaza, pleaded guilty to one count of complicity in genocide before the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR). The Prosecution presented the plea agreement to the Trial Chamber together with a newly amended Indictment containing the single count.

The trial had been scheduled to commence on 31 August 2009, but an agreement had apparently been reached with the Prosecution according to which the Accused would plead guilty. Trial Chamber III accepted Bagaragaza’s plea having been satisfied that the plea was made voluntarily.

A hearing has now been scheduled by Trial Chamber III for 2 November 2009 during which the Defence will present its character witnesses ahead of the sentencing judgment.

Bagaragaza is the ninth person to plead guilty before the ICTR.

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