Lecture Series: International Criminal Justice and the Contours of the Judicial Function: Lectures in Honour of Antonio Cassese


This coming Spring, the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies, in association with the TMC Asser Institute and the Coalition for the International Criminal Court, will host a series of lectures under the umbrella of the highly successful Supranational Criminal Law Lecture Series entitled, “International Criminal Justice and the Contours of the Judicial Function: Lectures in Honour of Antonio Cassese”. It is fair to say, that despite the continued rapid evolution of substantive and procedural international criminal law by means of both creative and activist judicial interpretation, a clear understanding is yet to attach to the totality of the judicial function in an international criminal justice context. This lecture series aims to address this anomaly by examining a host of issues central to a coherent conception of the judicial role in international criminal justice. The series will consist of eight innovative and interactive lectures encompassing contributions, first and foremost, from retired and sitting members of the international criminal judiciary, as well as from practitioners and prominent members of the academic community.

It is with great regret and sadness that the one individual perhaps best placed to address these issues from the perspective of both a scholar and a member of the international judiciary, namely Antonio Cassese, is no longer with us. It is in his honour that this lecture series is dedicated.

The lecture series, which will be hosted by The Hague Institute for Global Justice, will be formally launched at 7pm on 13 March 2012 with a lecture by Prof. Diane Marie Amann and Prof. John Dugard following a tribute to Judge Cassese by Dr. Guido Acquiviva. The current program of forthcoming lecture is included below and further information on on the series can be found at: . All lectures are open to the public and pre-registration is not required.

13 March 2012: Prof. Diane Marie Amann (University of Georgia), Prof. John Dugard (Leiden University) and Dr. Guido Acquiviva (STL) – “On the Eve of the Lubanga Judgment: The Judicial Function and the Politics of International Criminal Justice”.

21 March 2012: Prof. William Schabas (Middlesex University) and Judge Howard Morrison (ICTY) – “The Principle of Legality: Fictional Adherence or Judicial Straitkjacket?”

4 April 2012: Judge Christine Van De Wyngaert (ICC) and Joseph Powderly (Leiden University) – “Judicial Creativity and the Progressive Development of the Law: Aspects of Current ICC Practice”

17 April 2012: Judge Fred Harhoff (ICTY) and Dr. Guenael Mettraux (Doughty Street Chambers) – “Philosophies of Judgment”

25 April 2012: Dr. Guido Acquiviva (STL) and Judge Robert Roth (STL) – “The Judicial Function and Legal Pluralism”

2 May 2012: Gilbert Bitti (ICC), Jerome de Hemptinne (STL, TBC) and Gabrielle McIntyre (ICTY, TBC) – “Dispensing with Myths: The Role and Responsibilities of Senior Legal Advisors”

9 May 2012: Prof. Goran Sluiter (University of Amsterdam) with discussants (TBC) – “Adjudicating Asylum: The International Criminal Court and the Netherlands”

23 May 2012: Round Table Discussion (participants TBC) – “Conceptions of the Judicial Function: Prosecution, Defence, Victims, Civil Society and State Perspectives”

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