Launch of GCC Law and Media



By Frederikke Kam

Geraldine Coughlan has launched GCC Law and Media, a dedicated bureau of legal and media experts in international justice and European Union law and policy.

GCC Law and Media provides specialised publicity and raises awareness for cases that may go largely unnoticed, through connecting lawyers and media. The team handles all aspects of both law and media relations, including public relations, editorial, translation and training services.

GCC Law and Media recently had their first client, No Peace Without Justice. On 20 November 2012, GCC Law and Media assisted in hosting a press conference with a Bahraini civil society delegation in The Hague, which comprised former opposition MPs, human rights defenders and medics for the purpose of discussing the country’s needs for accountability and justice.

For further information about GCC Law and Media please see:

GCC Law and Media





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