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The Special Court for Sierra Leone will allow prosecutors to call supermodel Naomi Campbell to testify over a “blood diamond” she was allegedly given by Liberian ex-president Charles Taylor, it said on Wednesday. Actress Mia Farrow can also be called to the stand over claims that Campbell was given the rough diamond by Taylor after a dinner hosted by former South African president Nelson Mandela in September 1997. –

Former Transavia pilot Julio Poch, of Dutch-Argentinean nationality, will be prosecuted for his role in the ‘death flights’ carried out during Argentina’s last military dictatorship. –

The world’s first pirate court was opened in the Kenyan port town of Mombasa. Set up with the help of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the high-security courtroom will hear cases of maritime piracy and other serious criminal offences. –

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