ICTY’s 20th Anniversary


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To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the ICTY’s establishment, President Judge Theodor Meron has issued a statement. Judge Meron underlined that twenty years ago the UN Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 827, which set out the ICTY Statute and led to the creation of the first international criminal tribunal since trials were held in Nuremberg and Tokyo in the aftermath of World War II. Judge Meron expressed that even though the “ICTY has faced and continues to face significant challenges”, the ICTY, “through its trials and appeals, its jurisprudence, and its assistance to national jurisdictions, … has made profound contributions to global efforts to battle impunity, to international law and to the rule of law in the former Yugoslavia.”

Click here to read the full statement of Judge Meron:

The statements of Prosecutor Serge Brammertz and Registrar John Hocking can be found here:

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In celebration of the ICTY’s twentieth anniversary, Judge Theodor Meron, the ICTYa’s president, has issued

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