ICTY: Mechanism for International Tribunals takes up work in The Hague


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The International Criminal Tribunal (MICT) has began its work in The Hague. To mark the launching of the MICT Hague Branch, a ceremony was held in The Hague on 01 July 2013, bringing together more than 200 international officials, government representatives from the former Yugoslavia, judges and staff of the ICTY and MICT.

The implementation of the MICT is part of the Completion Strategie at the ICTY as well as ICTR. The MICT will, inter alia, be tasked with the following functions: “maintaining protective measures granted to victims and witnesses by the ICTY, hearing any appeals from judgements or sentences issued by the ICTY that fall within the Mechanism’s competence, as well as handling requests for review of judgements, as mandated by the Security Council.” Furthermore the MICT will sustain the ICTY’s “vital role in assisting national jurisdictions by granting access to evidence, providing assistance in tracking fugitives in cases which have been transferred to national authorities, and monitoring cases transferred to national jurisdictions to ensure fair and impartial adjudication.”

Click here for further information as well as the speeches held by judge Theodor Meron, Hassan B. Jallow, Serge Brammertz and John Hocking:

Photocredit: ADC ICTY

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