ICTY: Judgement Issued in the Prlic et al Case


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Today the ICTY Trial Chamber III issued its judgement in the case the Prosecutor vs Prlic et al, comprising over 2,600 pages and including  separate and partially dissenting  opinions by Judge Antonetti and Judge Trechsel. The six accused where found guilty for crimes against humanity, violations of the laws or customs of war and grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions committed between 1992 and 1994.

The six accused were convicted, with the Presiding Judge Antonetti dissenting, for participating in a joint criminal enterprise “with the objective to remove the Muslim Population from the territories on which the Bosnian Croat leadership with the leadership of Croatia wanted to establish Croat domination.”

Jadranko Prlic was sentenced to 25 years of imprisonment. Bruno Stojic, Slobodan Praljak and Milivoj Petkovic were sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment. Valentin Coric was sentenced to 16 years and Berislav Pusic was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment.

The six accused surrended to the custody of the ICTY in April 2004 and the trial commenced in April 2006. The Trial Judgement was issued after 465 days of trial, with closing arguments held in February and March 2011. The Prosecution called 145 witnesses and 61 witnesses were in total called by the various Defence teams.

Click here to read the summary of the Judgement:

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