ICLB Mock Trial Competition 2010 – Winners Announced


The ICLB Mock Trial Competition 2010, which took place at the ICTY during June and July, was again a great success.  The participants, interns and legal assistants  from ICTY Chambers, Defence and OTP, took on the roles of defence counsel, prosecution counsel, witnesses and accused. On four consecutive Thursday evenings, the mock trial attorneys argued their case in front of  acting ICTY Judges and ICLB associates. They examined and cross-examined witnesses, argued evidentiary motions, presented opening and closing arguments, and responded to questions from the Bench. Last Thursday, the ICLB hosted a closing reception at which the winners of the best team and best advocate were announced. They were:

Best team:  Alexandra Dodger, Matthew Kerns, David Martini and Jan Wolfe, of the Moot Defence Team 2D.

Best advocate:  Jointly awarded to Paul Bradfield and Joseph Davids of the Moot Prosecution Team.

The ICLB wishes to thank the Judges of the ICTY who generously donated their time to take part in the moot court. They were, in order of appearance on the bench: Judge Frederick Harhoff, Judge Kevin Parker, Judge Burton Hall, Judge Alphons Orie, Judge Prisca Matimba Nyambe, Judge Stefan Trechsel, Judge Howard Morrisson, and Judge Uldis Kinis.

Thanks also to  ICTY Counsel who volunteered their time to give lectures to the participants, and to sit on judging panels: JJ Du Toit, Avi Singh, and Eugene O’Sullivan.

A very special thanks also to Guido Heijblok of the AV unit for volunteering  his time to record all of the sessions, to Carline Ameerali for organising the courtroom, to the Security Staff for facilitating the event, and to those who volunteered to act as witnesses and court ushers.  The mock trial could not have been as successful as it was without the generosity and support of these individuals.

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