ICC: Trial Start Postponed in the Ruto & Sang Case



Trial Chamber V of the ICC has issued an order postponing the start of the trial in the Ruto and Sang Case. The trial was supposed to start on 28 May 2013. The new trial date will be set by the Trial Chamber in due course.


The postponement of the trial date, follows a request submitted by the Prosecution to add five witnesses to its witness list on 12 April 2013 and a subsequent Defence request to vacate the start of the trial “in order to allow the Defence adequate time to prepare its case” . The Prosecution further sought an ex parte hearing. The Ruto Defence did not object to the ex parte hearing, however, requested to have an ex parte hearing with the Defence as well to discuss investigation issues. This request by the Ruto Defence was joined by the Sang Defence.

Trial Chamber V has now scheduled an ex parte hearing with the Prosecution on 7 May 2013 and an ex parte hearing with the Defence on 14 May 2013. It will further hold a status conference with all parties on 14 May 2013 in order to discuss these issues as well as other procedural matters.

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