ICC Prosecutor Re-Affirms Commitment to Address Post-Election Violence in Kenya


In a press-release yesterday, 30th September, the ICC Prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, reiterated  his resolve to address the post-election violence of early 2008 with the Kenyan leaders and to prevent recurring violence through what he referred to as a three-pronged approach –  the ICC prosecuting those most responsible; national accountability proceedings as defined by the Kenyan Parliament, such as a Special Tribunal, for other perpetrators; and other reforms and mechanisms such as the Justice, Truth and Reconciliation commission to shed light on the full history of past events and to suggest mechanisms to prevent such crimes in the future.

It was also announced that decisive consultations between the Prosecutor and the Kenyan principals will take place in the coming weeks.

See the full press release here

2 Responses to “ICC Prosecutor Re-Affirms Commitment to Address Post-Election Violence in Kenya”

  1. stanley nyachae

    go ahead Ocampo, these tyrants have proven that they cannot see beyond their distended stomachs…not even to bring to justice the perpetrators of last year’s violence…

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