ECCC Seeking Applications for Internships



“Defence Teams at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) are currently seeking applications for unpaid internships of 3 and 6 months duration, to start on dates between April and July 2016. A good candidate would have a strong academic background in law and a demonstrated enthusiasm for defence work in international criminal law. Interns will gain experience and skills including legal research and fact analysis.

This is a UN internship, and all applications should be made directly to UNAKRT (the UN assistance to the ECCC). For information about the Internship Programme and the eligibility criteria, or to download the Internship Application Form, please consult New applications are considered every three months but immediate applications are encouraged, to meet the next deadline of 28th February 2016. Applications for subsequent rounds of application are also encouraged. It is important that applicants wishing to join a Defence Team specify Defence Support Section (DSS) as their first choice of internship.”

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Text source: ICLB


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