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Upcoming Event – Israel and Iran: Countdown to war?


In 2013, the United States and its allies will decide whether to attack Iran’s nuclear sites, and whether to sanction Israel’s threat of military action against Iran. The Frontline Club BBC Arabic Series will host an event at the London School of Economics to discuss what the future holds for relations between Iran, Israel and… Read more »


BBC Radio 4: “Decontaminating Halabja”


BBC World Affairs Editor John Simpson has returned to Kurdistan almost 25 years after the region suffered what has been described as the world’s worst chemical weapons attack on civilians. The man who orchestrated the attacks, Ali Hassan al-Majid, became known as “Chemical Ali”. In a BBC article, Simpson describes the aftermath of the 16… Read more »


Magnum Revolution: 65 Years of Fighting for Freedom


The Frontline Club will host an event on 13 December to celebrate the publication of Magnum Revolution: 65 Years of Fighting for Freedom. Magnum photographers Ian Berry and Peter Marlow will speak about their experiences with the book’s author, Jon Lee Anderson. The book features images from the 1956 Hungarian Uprising up to the Arab… Read more »


ICTR Prosecutor to Host International Workshop on the Prosecution of Conflict-Related Sexual and Gender-Based Violence


The Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda is to host an international workshop on the prosecution of conflict-related sexual and gender-based violence crimes. Over half of the 93 accused indicted at the ICTR faced charges of sexual violence. The ICTR Prosecutor aims to share the experiences of the ICTR in… Read more »

Upcoming Event: The Self-Interests of Armed Forces in Accountability for their Members for Core International Crimes


Stanford University, the UC Berkeley War Crimes Studies Center, and the Forum for International Criminal and Humanitarian Law will host an expert seminar entitled “The Self-Interest of Armed Forces in Accountability for their Members for Core International Crimes” at Stanford University on 27 November 2012. The seminar seeks to consider the self-interested reasons armed forces… Read more »

Frontline Club/ICRC Event: “Communicating about Syria – A Humanitarian Perspective”


The Frontline Club will host a panel discussion of the challenges faced by journalists and humanitarian aid agencies in sharing information in Syria’s complex conflict. Speakers will include International Committee of the Red Cross spokesperson for the Middle East, Hicham Hassan. Venue: The Frontline Club, London Date: 10 October 2012 Time: 7pm For further information… Read more »

Quality Control In International Fact-Finding Outside Criminal Justice For Core International Crimes


The 2013 LI Haopei Seminar on the topic “Quality Control in International Fact-Finding Outside Criminal Justice for Core International Crimes” will take place in Florence on 20 May 2013. Speakers include Professor Richard J. Goldstone, Professor Martin Scheinin and Professor M. Cherif Bassiouni. Two or three additional papers are invited to be presented at the… Read more »

Chatham House: Seminar on International Criminal Justice


A Seminar on ‘Milestones in International Criminal Justice’ will be co-delivered by Doughty Street Chambers and Chatham House International Law Programme at Chatham House, 10 St James’s Square, London SW1Y 4LE on Thursday, 28 June from 18:00 to 19:30. Drinks reception to follow. The seminar will focus on legal developments in recent judgments and complementarity issues… Read more »

State-Building in the Western Balkans


Post by Emma Miles The Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies has announced its Summer School at Leiden University, on State-Building in the Western Balkans from the 10th -15th of September 2012. The aim of the summer school is to address some of the topics in relation to the post conflict Balkan region, including more… Read more »

Events: “The Art of War” and discussions on the Arab revolutions


By Caroline Macpherson The Arab Spring and the death of war reporter Marie Colvin served as catalysts to a much-wider discussion of transitional justice, accountability of political and military leaders, sovereignty, state intervention, and the role and obligations of the media. This July, the Southbank Centre, London, will be hosting two talks on these subjects…. Read more »

Event: Piracy: A Franco-British Response


Piracy and ways to tackle this growing threat to maritime trading and voyage will be the topic of discussion during the 4th Biennial Maritime Colloquium. The event will be hosted by and held at The Greenwich Maritime Institute on Friday 8 June 2012. The colloquium will be centred on the impact piracy is having on… Read more »

Event: “Early Reflections on the Taylor Judgment” – The Hague


The Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies will host “Early Reflections on the Taylor Judgment” tomorrow in the Hague. The event will be followed by a reception, sponsored by the Open Society Justice Initiative. Speakers will include Brenda J. Hollis, Prosecutor at the Special Court for Sierra Leone, academics and representatives from the Sierra Leonean… Read more »

Upcoming event: “Transitional Justice” on BBC Radio 4′s ‘Unreliable evidence’


By Caroline Macpherson Transitional Justice will be aired on BBC Radio 4′s programme Unreliable Evidence on Wednesday 25th April 2012 The role the international community should play in helping to achieve justice in the wake of massive human rights violations in Arab Spring countries will be discussed by the BBC’s Clive Anderson (a practicing barrister for 15 years)… Read more »