Bangladesh ICT: Meeting with Lord Avebury at the House of Lords


Post by Steven Kay QC
On Tuesday 20 November 2012, Steven Kay QC presented a review of recent events at the Bangladesh International Crimes Tribunal in the House of Lords. The presentation was made on behalf of a Bangladesh delegation which attended in order to demonstrate the lack of fairness and the interference by the Awami League Government in its affairs. The main subject of the presentation was the abduction by Bangladesh Government agents of a key Defence witness named Bali, who was due to give evidence concerning the false practices of the Prosecution during the investigation. It is alleged that his abduction was designed to prevent other witnesses coming forward to testify upon the same matter.
Lord Avebury is set to make representations to the British Government requesting that action be taken to prevent further perpetration of serious human rights abuses against those on trial at the ICT.

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