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Appeal for Italian marines to be heard next month


                    The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea will listen to an appeal attempting to put an end to criminal proceedings against two Italian marines who are charged with shooting and killing a pair of Indian fishermen in February 2012. Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore… Read more »


UN Secretary-General encourages international cooperation to beat human trafficking


In his message uploaded to the official United Nations website yesterday, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon encouraged every country to join the struggle against human trafficking, saying: “I call on all countries to fight money laundering and sign and ratify the UN Conventions against corruption and transnational organized crime, including the latter’s human trafficking protocol.” Mr Ban emphasised… Read more »


Report indicates evidence of war crimes committed by Israel


The non-governmental organisation Amnesty International issued a report on Wednesday that indicates evidence of war crimes committed by Israel in August 2014. The war crimes are believed to be a reaction to the capturing of an Israeli soldier by political organisation and militant group Hamas. Researchers state that through scrutinising hundreds of photos, videos, satellite… Read more »


Russia vetoes U.N. MH17 tribunal


The draft resolution set up by the United Nations to form an international tribunal to prosecute those responsible for causing the MH17 crash has been vetoed by Russia. The Ukraine, who has encouraged the resolution, has alleged Russian responsibility for the crash. 11 out of the 15 permanent members of the Security Council supported the… Read more »


Libyan House of Representatives approves amnesty law


                    The democratically-elected House of Representatives, the Libyan parliament, has approved a law of pardon following on from Law No. 35 of 2012, which had previously provided amnesty for some crimes. The vote, which took place on 28 July 2015, further pardons all Libyans convicted for… Read more »


Saif al-Islam Gaddafi sentenced to death


The news broke today that a court in Tripoli has sentenced to death nine members of the former Gaddafi dictatorship, including Muammar Gaddafi’s son: Saif al-Islam. More than 30 close associates of Colonel Gaddafi have been tried for various charges in connection with events in 2011. Nevertheless, Human Rights Watch reports that the trial has… Read more »


Human Rights at Sea) Spring-Summer Update


Welcome to the second periodic newsletter from Human Rights at Sea for the Spring Summer period. As expected, much has occurred since the start of the year and below, are just a few of the highlights as a newly formed Foundation Charitable Incorporated Organisation promoting maritime human rights, globally. Charitable status: The most significant event… Read more »

South Sudan Flag

Negotiators propose court to end 19-month civil war in South Sudan


Mediators in South Sudan have proposed setting up a court to try possible crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes committed in the state. This is the latest power-sharing effort that is hoped will end a 19-month civil war that started in December 2013. For more on this story, please follow the link provided: … Read more »


First Universal Jurisdiction Case Heard in Africa Under the African Union Agreement


Last week, the Extraordinary African Chambers in Senegal began the trial of the former Chadian leader Hissene Habre on charges of crimes against humanity, torture and war crimes. To read more on this story, click the following link: Image source: Text source: New York Times, 20th July 2015


Montt deemed mentally incompetent, judges deliberate fate of trial


Ex-Dictator, José Efraín Rios Montt, 89, who was president of Guatemala from 1982-83, has been judged mentally unfit to attend his trial by government-backed experts. Mister Rios Montt has been charged with genocide and war crimes, and although he was convicted in 2013, the constitutional court withdrew his sentence and ordered another trial. Legal proceedings… Read more »


Serbian war crimes suspect to face murder charges


Al Jazeera reported today that the war crimes suspect nicknamed ‘Captain Dragan’ has arrived in Zagreb having been extradited from Australia to face allegations of torture and murder. It is of note that ‘Dragan’ fought extradition for nearly a decade. To read more on this story, click the following link: Image source: Text source: Al… Read more »

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Israel will respond to ICC over war crimes allegations


On Thursday, the daily Haaretz newspaper reported that the Israeli government will now respond to the ICC’s war crimes probe, after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu initially refused to engage with the investigation. For more information, please see here: Image source: Text source: The Times of Israel, July 9th 2015