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Alleged Islamic Extremist in Custody of ICC


On Saturday morning the International Criminal Court took custody of Ahmad Al Mahdi Al Faqi,an alleged Islamic extremist charged with helping to destroy buildings of historical and religious value in Timbuktu. The ICC said in a statement that he was a part of Ansar Dine, a group with links to al-Qaida that ruled across northern… Read more »


Ongwen to Face Additional Charges as ICC Expands Indictment


On Thursday, the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court announced that the indictment against Dominic Ongwen, a Commander in Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), is to be expanded. The new, updated indictment will include up to 67 charges which cover attacks on three more camps and overarching charges of persecution, sexual… Read more »


Sri Lanka’s Response to the OHCHR Report’s Recommendations to be Delivered on 25th September


Prime Minister Rail Wickremesinghe and President Maithripala Sirisena are both due to make statements on the ​OHCHR ​report​ on Sri Lanka ​this coming Friday​, 25th September. One of the central recommendations of the report is the establishment of a hybrid internationalised court, a commitment Sri Lanka has yet to make. The initial response from the… Read more »


Margaret Owen on the 9 Days of Curfew in Cizire, S.E. Turkey


By Margaret Owen Our UK delegation of two human rights barristers, myself (patron of Peace in Kurdistan), and Melanie Gingell, with health practitioner, Dr. Shatha Besarani were Invited by the Kurdish Women’s Council of Diyarbakir to visit Cizire, the mainly Kurdish town in Southeastern Turkey, and Sur, a poor district in Diyarbakir where there has… Read more »

The national flag of Serbia flies in the capital city of Belgrade.

Eight Suspects Indicted For Serbian War Crimes


Last week​,​ an indictment was issued by the Serbian War Crimes Prosecutor’s Office against eight ​individuals​ suspected of war crimes. They are all former members of the Training Center Jahorina​. The charges relate to allegations of murder of several hundred muslims in the Kravica hangar on ​14th ​July 1995. To read more on this story,… Read more »


U.N. calls for special court to prosecute Sri Lanka war crimes


Earlier today, the UN stated in their much anticipated report that Sri Lankan government forces and Tamil Tiger rebels “most likely” committed war crimes including mass killings of civilians during their long conflict which should be prosecuted by a special court with international judges. The UN report also held that Sri Lanka’s criminal justice system… Read more »


Klimkin Gives ICC Wider Authority Over Probe into War Crimes Against Maidan Activists


Pavlo Klimkin, the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs, has ​submitted a declaration to the ICC on the recognition of the ​jurisdiction of the Court by Ukraine. “Ukraine recognizes the jurisdiction [of the ICC] over crimes against humanity and war crimes committed since the beginning of the aggression by the Russian Federation,” he said. For further… Read more »


Houthi-Saleh rebel militas commit war crimes in Yemen


Earlier this week, the Bahrain News Agency reported ​the President of Yemen’s speech on the need to enforce UN Resolution 2216 in relation to war crimes allegedly committed by Houthi-Saleh rebel militias in Yemen. For more details on this story, click the link below: Image source: Text source: Bahrain News Agency – 7th September… Read more »


The Trial of Former Chad Dictator Resumes


Hissène Habré, the former Chadian dictator , who is accused of war crimes, crimes against humanity and torture, resumed his trial earlier this week at a specially established court in Sengal. He denies all charges​.​ Habré is on trial for running a secret police force known as the Direction de la Documentation et de la… Read more »


Foreign Minister Defends Malaysia’s Human Rights Record


Malaysia’s Foreign Minister​ ​Datuk Seri Anifah Aman has spoken out against remarks made by Salil Shetty, the ​S​ecretary-​G​eneral of Amnesty International, who claimed that the human rights record in Malaysia is declining. Anifah has ​stated​​ that Shetty’s assertions are based on ​           i​nsubstantial, selective information and overlook​s​ current humanitarian work… Read more »


Judge Antonetti Departs from Milan Lukic Case as he is not Impartial


Veteran Hague Tribunal Judge Jean-Claude Antonetti has withdrawn from the case dealing with Milan Lukic’s bid to overturn his life sentence. Judge Antonetti explained his decision by stating that he is​ not impartial as he was involved in hearing ​Milan ​Lukic’s appeal against his sentence. Milan Lukic was found guilty in December 2012 of taking… Read more »


“International criminal law – a personal note on its practice and current challenges”, by James Stewart


On Wednesday, September 9th 2015, James Stewart, Deputy Prosecutor of the ICC is presenting a lecture entitled “International criminal law – a personal note on its practice and current challenges”​. ​The event takes place at 7pm and is hosted at the T.M.C. Asser Instituut in Den Haag, the Netherlands. Registration is not necessary as seats… Read more »