9 Bedford Row International Annual Conference


The 9 Bedford Row International Annual Conference is on Saturday 1st October 2011 in London.

It reviews some of the cases and situations the 9BRi international criminal law team have dealt with in the last year at the ICC, ICTY, STL, Bangladesh Courts.  Steven Kay QC and Gillian Higgins of the ICLB will be speaking along with other members of 9BRi, Toby Cadman and John Cammegh.

The guest speaker is William Browder, the CEO of Hermitage Capital with whom 9BRi are collaborating to achieve justice in relation to the death of the Russian lawyer for Hermitage, Sergei Magnitsky, who was murdered in pre-trial detention in 2009 after having been falsely imprisoned by Russian Police Officers who had stolen the identity of Hermitage to benefit from a huge tax fraud. The conspiracy also involves Russian tax officials, the judiciary, prison officials and senior political figures.

The conference will provide an insight into the case management of international criminal cases and the diversity of opportunities in this fascinating area of the law.

See the Conference Flyer below, and for registration contact Julian Bradley at


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